I went to another restaurant for dinner tonight! I went to a new restaurant called, Wishbone. Wishbone is a fried chicken restaurant located on 4034 Walnut Street. I was really, really excited about going to Wishbone because my friends were raving that they had to wait in a big line, their chicken was amazing, and that the restaurant is really “hip”. I decided to have dinner there tonight with one of my roommates.


There was only one person in line in front of us. When my roommate and I were ready to order, we were a little confused because we had never been there before. The guy behind the fried chicken explained to us that we could select from 2 different kinds of fried chicken: The Classic (Buttermilk battered with their signature pretzel crust) and The Special (Thai Coconut Curry and Basil). Within those 2 categories, we could select white or dark meat for either kind of fried chicken. I decided to order 4 pieces of The Classic white meat fried chicken. The man continued to explain to me that they weighed our chicken on a scale and that is how they would figure out our price.



I was so excited to eat my fried chicken. It looked and smelled absolutely amazing. After ordering our fried chicken, they offered us homemade pie, but we decided to pass because we were not in the mood for pie. Also, they had chips and water bottles for purchase as well. After paying for our very inexpensive meal ($5.10 for 4 pieces of chicken and two water bottles) we decided to sit down. The atmosphere in Wishbone is actually really cool. A lot of wood, but a very comfortable and happy atmosphere. There are two levels: the first floor where the food is and then the second floor has seating.



They offered us 5 kinds of special sauce, but we were in the mood for ketchup (even though they did not have ketchup).


The little touches in Wishbone are really sweet. My roommate and I really appreciated and loved the take-out bags. Absolutely adorable.




Doesn’t the fried chicken look absolutely amazing? We were so excited to try it, and then we tried the fried chicken, and we were not big fans of it. Maybe Wishbone was having an off-night, but we were disappointed because we were told from so many people that Wishbone is amazing and they have great prices. Maybe it was the pretzel coating that wasn’t tasty.



$3.13 for 4 pieces of fried chicken is pretty fantastic. Hopefully, Wishbone was just having a bad night because we really wanted to like it and make it a regular spot. If you’re ever in Philadelphia, you should try Wishbone- maybe you will have better luck than we did! xoxo




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