University City: Ramen Bar

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I just had the most incredible dinner with my roommate tonight! We went to the Ramen Bar in University City. I wasn’t sure how Ramen Bar was going to be because they wouldn’t let us do takeout. The menu consisted of 8 different types of Ramen noodle bowls: Tonkotsu, Tonkotsu Chashumen, Kara Kara Tonkotsu, Shoyu, Shoyu Chashumen, Miso, Senbu No-se and Veggie Miso. I had the Tonkotsu Chashumen and Edamame. The Tonkotsu Chashumen consisted of 3 pieces of marinated chashu pork, menma, kikurage, sesame, and scallion drizzle of garlic. I decided to take out the red pickled ginger and marinated boiled egg. Also, you’re allowed to select which type of noodle you want: Chukamen or the regular spaghetti type noodle. I selected the Chukamen and I wasn’t disappointed. I was thrilled with the outcome of my meal.

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The bowls are big portions, but one person will be able to finish it! My roommate and I figured out that we were able to take our food home, so we decided to order two more portions of noodles to go. The next day we were eating our ramen bowls for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can’t express how amazing Ramen Bar noodles taste. One of my new favorite restaurants in Philadelphia!

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