The Dandelion

Ever wish you could just go back to London for a quick dinner? There’s no need after going to the Dandelion! The Dandelion is a Steven Starr restaurant which is located at 124 South 18th Street. During the snow storm, I was craving amazing pub-like food and I came across the Dandelion.


I met one of my good friends inside of the restaurant and we sat upstairs. It was fairly crowded with a candlelit, relaxing atmosphere.



The architecture was incredible. I felt as though I was in a medieval castle. Very cool vibes. I also loved how quaint it felt inside. IMG_0241


The menu was filled with British items such as: Welsh Rarebit, British Cheese Board, Chicken & Duck Liver Parfait, Prince Edward Island Mussels, Rabbit Pie, etc. I immediately saw the “Beer-Battered Fish & Chips” and knew that I wanted it. I also saw the table next to us eating it, so I knew it was going to be delicious. My friend ordered the Fish & Chips as well.



There were two types of bread and it was alright. I wasn’t the biggest fan on their bread- it was a little cold for my liking. The Fish & Chips took about 20 minutes to come out after we ordered, which didn’t seem too long on the snowy evening.



The wait was worth it. The Fish & Chips were incredible. The fish was warm on the inside and just the right amount of crunchy on the outside. The fries were scolding hot. Unfortunately, I burned the inside of my mouth, but it was worth it. They were thick steak-fries. Very good!



My friend & I had a great London-esque experience. If you’re ever walking past Rittenhouse Square and you’re in the mood for really good food, you should definitely try the Dandelion!




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