Shake Shack


Remember when you were little and “crinkle fries” were popular? Guess what?! Crinkle fries are back at Shake Shack! I don’t think I’ve been so excited about french fries. I had a long day of classes and I was in the mood for a really good juicy burger. Shake Shack was the perfect dinner experience for me. I usually do not like going to dinner by myself, but it didn’t matter at Shake Shack because there were numerous individuals having dinner by themselves as well. “Dîner pour une” (Dinner for one) I had a cheeseburger with crinkle fries and a diet coke. The juicy burger, fry combination was exactly what I was craving. The wait was only about 5 minutes and is located in Rittenhouse Square. If you’re craving a burger and only have 20 minutes, go to Shake Shack! xoxo

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