Sangkee Noodle House

This week I had take out from Sangkee, which is on 3549 Chestnut Street. It’s located in the in the Sheraton Hotel. All of my friends had been raving about how amazing it was, so I decided that I needed to try it. It was a little confusing at first how to get there because it was in the hotel. After ordering online, I realized that it was only a 10 minute wait for my food. I was starving and 10 minutes was the perfect waiting time.



After arriving at Sangkee, I walked into a nice, calm atmosphere and it must have been a weird hour because no one was sitting down or eating at the restaurant. There were numerous of helpful workers that were very attentive the second I walked into the restaurant. My food was waiting behind the counter and I was able to go into Sangkee and out within 3 minutes. Now, that’s my kind of take out place. I walked home, which is a 15 minute walk. After reaching my apartment, I was delighted to learn that my take out was still warm. It is always upsetting when take out is cold. I ordered Edamame, Chinese Scallion Pancakes, and Pan Fried Dumplings. All three sides were absolutely delicious and I ate them all. I can’t wait to go back and have Sangkee again. I was actually craving Sangkee a couple of minutes ago. Maybe Sangkee will be my dinner for this evening!





If you’re ever in Philadelphia and want a really good and fast take out place, you need to go to Sangkee Noodle House. It’s absolutely delicious and you won’t regret it! xoxo 

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