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Happy Sunday! Sunday is one of the best days of the week to go out to dinner in Philadelphia. I love how it’s officially Fall and all it is getting cold. It is not freezing yet, so it’s convenient to go out to restaurants with friends and family. I went to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner tonight and it was okay. To be honest, I was very disappointed that I did not have the best experience. My blog is all about trying new food, so I decided to try to go out of my regular day-to-day foods today and try a new type of food. Tonight I tried Vietnamese food with a few friends. The restaurant we went to was called, Saigon Cuisine which is located at 4000 Chestnut Street. There was a 10 minute wait to just be able to sit down at our table. It was fully packed with people. It was semi-cold in the restaurant and when we sat down, their napkins were already used (pretty disgusting). I like a restaurant where I know the silverware and napkins have been washed and are sparkly clean. The service was not the best. Our waiter took forever with our drinks (Strawberry Smoothies and Water) and our food (Shrimp Ho Fun, Chicken Lo Mien). We asked for no scallions to be added to our order, but unfortunately, they added scallions to our order. The waiters, waitresses, and hostess had a very hard time speaking English. They did not understand a few different questions we had regarding our food.  The wait for our table and then our food felt like forever. We were all starving, and we all thought it would be a 30 minute dinner, which turned into an hour and a half dinner. The noodles were pretty quick to come out to our table, but the rice took forever to arrive. The bathroom was very clean. I was surprised considering how gross the tables, silverware and napkins were compared to the bathroom. When the check came, we were unsatisfied with the price as well. The Strawberry Smoothie was extremely small and it was $4.00, as college students, my friends were upset that it was $4.00. Each of our entrees, were $10-12. Which is a lot more expensive than normal Vietnamese places around Philadelphia (my friends told me). For a future blog entry, I will try to go to a different Vietnamese restaurant and compare Saigon Cuisine to the other place. If you’re ever in Philadelphia and would like to try Saigon Cuisine, you should. It is an experience that one should try once in a lifetime. I would have added the website, but this restaurant does not have a webpage. You can google the restaurant name and information will come up. Thank you for reading! I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your weekend! xoxo 


Shrimp Ho-Fun

Shrimp Ho-Fun



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