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Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a great week before Thanksgiving! I had to blog tonight about an amazing dinner I had last night. About 8 months ago, my friend brought over to my apartment two different types of pasta for dinner. My job was to provide the wine! Every thursday night (TGIT) we dedicate our night to Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder while eating and drinking wine. I tried the first dish, chicken mushala and immediately fell in love. The second dish was the gnocchi lasagna (veggie). For dinner last night, I added the gluten free pesto ravioli and pasta fresca. I asked my friend for months and months where they ordered the pasta from but they could never remember the name until last week when I received a text saying, “Quick Fixx- 15th & South”. I immediately googled, liked their page on Facebook and ordered their pasta within a few days!

The chicken mushala is filled with fettuccine pasta, green beans, grilled chicken and mixed with a creamy mushroom sauce. It’s absolutely incredible! It’s a very light sauce, so you will not feel filled instantly. It’s just the right amount of food for dinner and maybe lunch the next day!



The pasta fresco was very good as well! The rigatoni pieces were large and soft. There wasn’t too much marinara sauce, which was nice for a change. The basil and mozzarella cheese were both intertwined within the pasta. It was a great dish!


The third type of pasta was the gnocchi lasagna (veggie)! Now, this pasta was extremely spicy!!! I liked it more when I had it for lunch the day after. I left the pasta in the refrigerator for about 15 hours and then microwaved it for about a minute and 25 seconds. It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t as spicy for some reason! This pasta is excellent for leftovers! :)



The fourth and final pasta we tried last night was the gluten free pesto ravioli! This pasta was perfect during dinner. The pesto was warm and flavorful. The ravioli was extremely fresh! This was another pasta that you definitely need to try!



If you’re in Philadelphia and want amazing pasta for a great price- you need to go to “Quick Fixx”! You will not regret it! :)





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