Pizzeria Stella: Steven Starr Restaurant

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a wonderful week! I went to a fun pizza place last night called Pizzeria Stella. It’s a Steven Starr restaurant! Pizzeria Stella is located at 420 S. 2nd Street- Society Hill. I really loved the atmosphere and location of this pizza place. The atmosphere is in the heart of South Street, where a lot of young people like to hangout. Pizzeria Stella is located on the corner of a nice area in the beginning of South Street where there are fun bars, fun restaurants, and happy vibes in the air. It’s a great place for families and children to go during the day and a great place for couples and an older crowd during the evening.photo 1-82


When my mom and I walked into the restaurant last night, we were delighted that there was not a big crowd. We were worried that there was going to be a long line because when I looked online, Pizzeria Stella does not take reservations. Their policy is “first come, first serve”. When we walked in, the sweet hostess seated us right away at a table in the corner with a great view of the bars. My mom and I love people watching, so it was perfect for us.

photo 2-83

Our happy waitress came over right away she asked if it was our first time to Pizzeria Stella, and my mom and I answered- yes. She was delighted to tell us about their different options on the menu. All of their pizzas are thin crust and 12 inches. Pizzas 1-6 all have red sauce and pizzas 7-12 all have a white sauce base. Of course, if you read my blog religiously, you know that I am addicted to Diet Coke, so, of course, I ordered a diet coke for a drink while I read over my menu. After a few minutes, I decided that I was going to order number 5- the pepperoni pizza. My mom decided that she was going to order number 7- the mushroom pizza and caesar salad. The caesar salad only took 5 minutes to come out and it was a large portion. My mom enjoyed it immensely. About 15-20 minutes later, our pizzas started coming out.

photo 2-84


I loved the brick coal oven that had “Stella”. I thought it was a great idea of Steven Starr to incorporate the picture of Italy hanging above the oven and the red letters of “Stella”. Stella has a great atmosphere. photo 3-80


My pepperoni pizza came out first and looked absolutely delicious. I could not wait to dig in and eat it. Look how appetizing that pizza looks! Let me just say that I am a very critical when it comes to pizza, and this pepperoni pizza was so good. My mom’s pizza took 5 more minutes to come out, which was sad because I wanted to eat at the same time with my mom. So, I decided to wait to eat with her. By the time her pizza arrived, my pizza was getting cooler. Although I do not like my pizza burning hot, I wanted to have my pepperoni pizza a little warmer.

photo 5-68


My mom’s pizza- the number 7, mushroom pizza was interesting. The mushroom pizza had a ton of rosemary ham on top of the mushrooms and smoked mozzarella. I really enjoyed the garlic that the mushroom pizza was seasoned with. The garlic added a wonderful taste that combined the whole pizza together. After trying both pizzas (the pepperoni and the mushroom) my mom and I both decided that we were more fond of the pepperoni than the mushroom pizza. Usually, my mom and I do not eat the whole “individual” 12 inch pizzas, but we were really loving the pepperoni pizza that we decided to eat the entire pizza and have some of the  mushroom pizza as well. After 2o minutes or so, our waitress came back and took our pizzas and plates. She wrapped up the rest of the mushroom pizza and put it in an adorable box to take home.

photo 1-83

After dinner, the manager of Stella came over and asked my mom and I how our food tasted. In unison, we both said, wonderful! He proceeded to ask us if we wanted to indulge in 7 different kinds of their homemade gelato. We both declined because we were both extremely full from dinner. We watched gelato come out of the kitchen and it looked fabulous as well as all of the other yummy food coming out to different tables.


Overall, my mom and I had a wonderful experience at Pizzeria Stella. We cannot wait to go back to indulge and try different kinds of more yummy pizzas. If you’re ever in Philadelphia, you need to stop by Steven Starr’s restaurant, Pizzeria Stella. You will not be disappointed and you’ll be in pizza heaven! Ciao! xoxo



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