Pinkberry Is Finally In Pennsylvania!

I am so excitedddddd! Pinkberry is finally in Pennsylvania! I fell in love with Pinkberry on the west coast two years ago. Pinkberry is now in the Philadelphia Airport and on the Main Line (Bryn Mawr). Whenever I go to the airport, I always make sure I stop at Pinkberry. I love Pinkberry for a multitude of reasons: I don’t feel guilty over the consumption of numerous calories (healthy yogurt made with nonfat and lowfat flavors), I feel satisfied with a small cup and I feel healthy with the array of fruit toppings that I have on top of my yogurt. A small Pinkberry yogurt cup is about 100-170 calories. Every flavor is made with non-fat milk and protein. I’ve been ordering the same yogurt as the first time I ever went to Pinkberry: Salted Caramel with Raspberries and Nutella. This combination is to die for. I absolutely recommend stopping at Pinkberry whenever you’re at the Philadelphia Airport!


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