Le Chéri

Bonjour! I hope you’re all bundled up and dreaming about delicious food during this snow emergency in the Northeast. I went to Le Chéri, an adorable French bistro with my mom last night for dinner. Le Chéri is located at 251 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103- Rittenhouse Square) We went at 5:00pm because I was starving. We were the first people there for dinner and we were able to select which table we wanted to sit at. My mom decided that she wanted the dining room back corner where it was quiet- I completely agreed. We had peace for about 20 minutes until two women appeared and sat directly next to us. We had the entire restaurant and the hostess decided to seat them next to us. It was extremely annoying because they were loud, obnoxious and kept staring at our food thinking it was theirs, my mom & I couldn’t wait to get out of the restaurant.


Other than the loud atmosphere, the food was delicious. My mom and I ordered Champagne to start. Our waiter brought us warm bread, which was amazing and fresh.


We heard the specials and looked at the menu. The Dover Sole and gnocchi combination caught our eyes instantly. We ordered two Dover Sole’s and one order of gnocchi.


To our surprise, the food came out fairly quickly. It was probably about 20 minutes after we ordered our main entrée that it appeared next to our table being prepared on the cutting table.


The gnocchi was incredible. It was a combination of a strong butter flavor with tomatoes and parsley. I wish I ordered five more serving for the rest of the week- yes, it was that good!


The Dover Sole was exquisite as well. Very light, flaky and overall perfection. I was thoroughly impressed and so was my mom, which is extremely important! :)


My mom and I decided that dessert was a necessity. Therefore, we ordered the soufflé. My mom liked it, but I wasn’t a big fan. I found it too be too milky when they added the creme to the middle.

Overall, it was a delicious dinner! Other than the loud atmosphere, our mother-daughter bonding time was nice! I hope you can experience Le Chéri with your mom, dad, friend or significant other! :)




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