La Creperie Cafe

Happy Sunday, everyone! I had the most delicious breakfast this morning! I went to La Creperie Cafe which is located at 1722 Sansom Street. I was in the mood to have a lovely and scrumptious breakfast all by myself. I woke up early and was in the mood for something sweet and chocolate. I googled different breakfast places and decided to select La Creperie Cafe because it had excellent reviews.


La Creperie Cafe is an adorable little cafe snuggled into the middle of the city block. I went in this morning and the cafe was filled with a lot of different couples. I asked for take-out and they seated me at the bar. There was two waiters and they were both extremely nice, friendly and very attentive. While I was sitting at the bar, one waiter brought me bottled water for me to drink while I was waiting to order my food. I decided to order the Nutella and Banana Crepe. While I was waiting for my crepe, the waiters made sure that I felt at home and was as comfortable as possible. I really enjoyed the people watching in the restaurant because it was a Sunday morning, the morning after a fun night out on the town. The couples were all lovey dovey. I liked the noise level  in the restaurant. It was not too loud at all. I was actually able to enjoy my wait for my breakfast.



After waiting for about 20 minutes, my crepe was ready for me to take “home” aka eat in my car on the way to the library. The check came with my take-out order and my waiter could not have been nicer. He told me to take my time, there was no rush and to enjoy my water. I stayed for about 5 more minutes and left. After leaving the restaurant, I hopped in my car and started eating my crepe.




The Nutella and Banana Crepe was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed every morsel. I can not wait to go back to La Creperie Cafe next weekend and have another crepe! If you are ever in Philadelphia and want to have a nice, relaxing, yummy breakfast- you need to go to La Creperie Cafe! I promise that you will not be disappointed! xoxo



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