Good Dog Bar

Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe the Patriots beat the Seahawks in the last few seconds of the game! It was an intense & fun game to watch with friends in the city! I met a few friends at Good Dog Bar, which is located at 224 South 15th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102. It was a little confusing to get to because the address isn’t exactly correct, but it’s across the street from Applebee’s if that helps!

I selected to watch the Super Bowl at Good Dog Bar because of the 700 reviews I read on Yelp. Yelp made this bar seem like the most quintessential place to have pub food and watch the game.


I was extremely surprised when I walked in and saw that the televisions were not as big as I thought they were going to be. They were also inconvenient to where my friends and I sat in the booth. The televisions were far and it was hard to watch the game. I figured that the food would make up for the lack of television.



My waiter suggested to order the Chicken Tenders Cordon Bleu. He said it was “amazing and popular”. I valued his opinion and ordered the “Chicken Tenders Cordon Bleu” and “Baked Mac n Cheese”. I was extremely disappointed with the Chicken Tenders Cordon Bleu, which is just chicken tenders wrapped in ham & cheese. The chicken tenders were obviously frozen previously and it wasn’t good. It tasted like it was just taken out of the freezer and microwaved for 30 seconds.


Make sure to get a different appetizer!!

I was hoping the Baked Mac n Cheese was going to be at least edible. Fortunately, it was really yummy. It was BURNING hot though- I burnt my mouth after waiting 10 minutes to eat it. They should have waited until it cooled down a little bit before bringing it out to the table.


I thought the french fries were an interesting combination because it was mixed sweet potato fries & original. We did not order dessert because the Patriots just won when we finished eating & it was a depressing atmosphere to be in when we were all rooting for the Seahawks.

You should definitely try Good Dog Bar for their Baked Mac n Cheese, but do not count on watching television there!



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