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Fat Futo


Sunday night Sushi! I love, love, love, love going out to dinner on Sunday evenings. Why? Because it is a good way to end the fabulous weekend and start a dreadful week of school and work. My friend, who is obsessed with Sushi took me to “Fat Salmon”, which is located at 719 Walnut Street. The atmosphere is perfect for an evening date or dinner with close friends. Fat Salmon has a fun atmosphere, which is dark inside with blue lights all over the restaurant. Casual attire is appropriate. There are a lot of people who are in jeans and button down shirts. The menu had a variety of different types of Sushi. My friend and I watched in awe while the plates were coming out to the different tables. The service could not have been better. We had the best waitress. She was so sweet, remembered everything, did not make a mistake with our order and was very prompt with getting our drinks and food out to us as soon as possible. I always appreciate an amazing, nice waitress.

My friend and I started off with Diet Coke (of course, what’s new?) and then we had the “Dragon” which are regular rolls with crab stick, eel, cucumber avocado and eel sauce is sprinkled on the top. The Dragon comes with 6 pieces. So yummy. After we indulged the Dragon, we ordered the Fat Futo which is 5 pieces of salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber, yellow tail, crab stick, burdock and then there was 6 pieces of Ebikyu which has shrimp and cucumber. Again, it was delicious.

We were stuffed after we had all of that Sushi. We were actually surprised looking around and watching the amount of Sushi all of the tables were ordering. There are numerous sushi lovers in this world. I never knew how many people liked sushi until I got to college. I feel as though it is a college thing to go have dinner at a sushi restaurant with a ton of your friends at least once a month.

Generally, I never like sushi in the morning. I find it gross and too early to have raw fish, but Fat Salmon prepares their sushi in such a way that it is actually delicious in the morning. My leftovers were so good at 10 am. Fat Salmon Sushi is the place to go if you want a really good Sushi restaurant. If you’re ever in Philadelphia, you need to go to Fat Salmon Sushi, I promise you that you will not be disappointed! xoxo




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