Happy December 30, 2015! I can’t believe 2015 is almost over! It’s been a great year with amazing food, but I’m excited for 2016! I went to an amazing greek restaurant called “Estia” with my mom this evening. It’s located on 14th and Locust.

My mom and I shared the “Romaine Salad” which tastes exactly like a classic caesar salad! It was fantastic- very light!




My mom ordered her favorite item at Estia, the Dover Sole! I have to agree that the Dover Sole is exquisite! One is able to devour every bite of the fish in one sitting. After eating the fish, there is a feeling of sadness because my mom always wants to have the rest for lunch the next day! Every bite is better than the first- this fish is truly delicious!



For my main entree, I ordered the Black Sea Bass! My waiter asked if I wanted the head and tail for the presentation and I said, “yes, please!” The head and tail was a great added bonus to my meal. The fish was extremely salty mixed with a light lemon flavor. I was able to eat a lot of the fish and took the rest home with me for leftovers tomorrow afternoon! :)



If you’re ever near 14th and Locust, you need to have lunch or dinner at Estia! They have another location in Radnor, Pennsylvania if you’re closer to the suburbs! Enjoy! xoxo



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