Day By Day: Rittenhouse Square


My roommate and I were in the mood for brunch food this morning. We were googling different brunch places in the city and finally came upon “Day by Day” on 2101 Sansom St. Day by Day is the cutest little brunch spot. My roommate and I were in and out in a quick 45 minutes. The atmosphere has a happy vibe. There were numerous couples on brunch dates. (We were jealous!) It was cute to watch the awkward moment when the check came to the table for the date and neither the girl or the guy touched it. After people watching, my food finally arrived. I ordered the Strawberry French Toast which was absolutely delicious. The French Toast was extremely thick and well cooked.


My roommate ordered the cheeseburger with home fries. The cheeseburger was “alright” she said, but the home fries were so good. We are both addicted to Diet Coke and ordered it right away when we sat down, but the waitress took forever bringing our drinks. That was the only complaint that my roommate and I had. Usually parking in the city is extremely frustrating, but luckily I was able to park right out front of Day by Day.Overall, my roommate and I had a good experience. If you’re ever on Sansom Street and looking for a quick brunch, you should definitely go to Day by Day!

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