Cupcake Heaven: Crumbs Bake Shop


If you’re a cupcake lover, like me, then you’ll absolutely LOVE Crumbs Bake Shop. I was in the mood for a cupcake this past Monday, so I googled “best cupcakes in Philadelphia” and Crumbs Bake Shop came up. Crumbs is located in Rittenhouse Square. I went around 5pm and there wasn’t a line which was fabulous. I was impressed with their cupcake options: Brownie, Blueberry Pancake, Blackbottom Cheesecake Brownie, Blackout, Apple Cobbler, Caramel Apple, Apple Stuffed French Toast, Carrot, Cinnamon Bun, Cookie Dough, Good Guy, Half and Half, Happy Birthday (my favorite cupcake even though my birthday isn’t until February), Lemon, Milkshake, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin, Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Cup, Coconut, Vanilla or Chocolate Sprinkle, etc. They all looked amazing. The cupcake employee could not have been more helpful or sweeter. The cupcakes come in 4 different sizes: Taste (1″), Classic (2.5″), Signature, (4″) and Colossal (6″). The Colossal Cupcake can serve 6-8 people. I loved the happy and relaxing atmosphere inside. Overall, Crumbs Bake Shop was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to go back soon! If you’re ever in the area, you definitely need to stop by to have a Classic Crumbs Bake Shop Cupcake, or you can order online! xoxo

The Happy Birthday Cupcake!

The Happy Birthday Cupcake!


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