Chickie and Petes Crab House and Sports Bar

Good evening! I had the most amazing dinner at Chickie and Petes last night in South Philadelphia. My family wanted to watch Monday night football and my brother said that Chickie and Petes restaurant was going to have a great atmosphere and amazing food for the game. I made an Open Table reservation for 5pm. It wasn’t too crowded yet, but make sure to make a reservation prior to going because I hear that the line to get in is ridiculous. I looked around to see that the restaurant/sports bar was filled with large screen plasma televisions. Everywhere I turned I saw another tv with football. It had a warm, friendly atmosphere. We ordered three sides of crab fries, mozzarella sticks and I had the chicken parm. The crab fries came out first. They were spicy and delicious. The crab sauce is heavenly. If you’re sharing, you should definitely order two orders of fries.


The next food item that came out was the mozzarella sticks. They were extremely hot. Make sure to to take caution before biting into one. The marinara sauce was average- nothing special about it.



My chicken park was the last meal to arrive at our table. The bread was slightly toasted, chicken cutlets in the center with mozzarella cheese oozing out of the sandwich every time I took a bite! It was phenomenal. I took off the five pickles they put on my chicken parm before I took a picture. Unfortunately, I detest pickles. Other than the pickles, the sandwich was amazing. I was dreaming about it during lunch today.



Overall, my family and I had an amazing experience at Chickie and Petes in South Philadelphia. It was the perfect dinner for a chilly fall evening. If you’re ever in the South Philly area, you need to check out this fantastic sports bar because you will not regret it! :)


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