Good morning! I hope everyone is staying warm during the frigid, unbearable weather today. It was my birthday recently and my friends took me out to Buddakan for dinner to celebrate! Buddakan is located on 325 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106 (Old City). A great thing about Buddakan is that they accept OpenTable reservations- a major connivence especially when one’s free time is limited due to work. When my group arrived, they seated us right away. It wasn’t too crowded and we were seated away from the loud atmosphere in the middle of the restaurant.

I’m a big fan of bottled water. Acqua Panna is one of my favorite types of water & it is the quintessential start of my dinner! :)


Our waitress told us that the portions were large and we could share, but when we saw the word “small caesar salad” we didn’t think twice and ordered two. When we saw the small portion, we were shocked because it was a massive portion.


When you go to Buddakan, it is imperative that you order the Edamame Ravioli. One of the best things I’ve tried in years! It’s light, warm and has the perfect aftertaste. You HAVE to try it!!! You’ll fall in love with it!






My friend’s ordered Sangria. I personally didn’t love it because I’m not into fruity alcoholic beverages, but if you are, you should definitely order it. It comes in a “pitcher” and serves about 7-9 glasses.


The Pork Pot Stickers were interesting. I usually love them, but their sauce was extremely spicy. Only order them if you like spicy/tangy kind of flavor.



My best friend’s surprised with me a mini chocolate cake from Buddakan for dessert! The waitresses came over to help sing “Happy Birthday” to me with my friends and also a few other tables joined it. It was an amazing feeling to have all of my close friends there celebrating with me.




Here is a picture of the mini chocolate cake! It was delicious on the inside! A combination of chocolate & powered sugar is always the best.




Thank you for reading my blog post about Buddakan! Stay warm!







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