Bobby’s Burger Palace

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What’s better on a Friday night than an amazing, juicy burger? I was craving a burger all day on Friday and could not wait to go out to dinner with my friends at Bobby’s Burger Palace. Bobby’s Burger Palace is so good. We all met at BBP at 7:30pm. There was about 15 people in front of us. This place gets so crowded on Friday nights. We were lucky that there were only 15 people ahead of us in line. The line went fast, so we were only waiting for about 10 minutes. What’s cool about this restaurant is that after you stand in line and order, you can either sit down at the different tables with friends or you can do takeout. My friends and I decided to sit down and we had a lovely experience.

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I ordered the cheddar cheeseburger (medium-well) with fries and a root beer. I was actually surprised that I was in the mood for root beer. The root beer was chilled in a twist-0ff bottle and I immensely enjoyed it.

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The cheddar cheeseburger was absolutely amazing. I like my meat medium-well and a lot of the times I go to a burger place, they never get medium-well correct. BBP was very accurate and I enjoyed my burger very much. Now the fries are on a whole another level of amazingness. Their fries are to die for. They are warm and melt instantly in your mouth.

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Trust me, if you want an amazing, quick, easy, accurate burger and fries, Bobby’s Burger Palace is for you. If you’re ever in Philadelphia, you should definitely stop by Bobby’s Burger Palace. You will love it!


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