Beck’s Cajun Cafe

Happy one week after Mardi Gras! Last Tuesday, I went to Reading Terminal especially for Beck’s Cajun Cafe. I googled the best places in the Philadelphia region to have a King’s Cake and the number one result was Beck’s Cajun Cafe!


I arrived at about 1pm and there was about 8 people in line when I got there. The line was moving extremely slow, but I wasn’t upset because I was so excited for authentic southern Mardi Gras food! (aka Fat Tuesday!)

The last time I was in New Orleans, Louisiana, I tried an alligator Po-Boy. I was instantly in love with alligator. I was overwhelmingly happy when I realized that they had alligator Po-Boy’s for sale!!!


The alligator Po-Boy was incredible!!!! Delicious!!!! They made the alligator with all of the right spices for a mild, but spicy sandwich. I ate the entire Po-Boy!


If you’re ever in the area- you NEED to have an alligator Po-Boy from Beck’s Cajun cafe! You will not be disappointed! :)


I also bought a slice of the King’s Cake because that was the main purpose for my Mardi Gras lunch!


I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to try the King’s Cake, but I was extremely disappointed with it because it didn’t taste fresh. I was upset because the King’s Cake I had in New Orleans tasted completely different. I would not go back again for the King’s Cake, but you should definitely try their alligator Po-Boy!!!




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