My roommate and I had a girls night out last night and we did the classic ‘Dinner and a Movie’. Which entails amazing food and a chick flick, of course. We went to Barbuzzo which is located on 110 S. 13th Street. Barbuzzo is a Mediterranean restaurant. It was packed when we walked in, so we decided to ask for seating for two to see if they had any availability. The host told us that he did not have anything  for over 45 minutes. So, we left. We hear “excuse me, excuse me”, so we turned around and there was the host chasing after us to tell us that he had availability at the bar. We decided to sit at the bar and eat there.


Barbuzzo was so loud, and the atmosphere was too dark to really see anyone, so that was a little disappointing. The bartender, who was taking our order, was extremely rude. My roommate and I some questions about the menu, and he had zero knowledge about the menu. So, my roommate and I just ordered and hoped for the best. I ordered a Diet Coke and it took the bartender about 20 minutes to give me my drink. We waited another 10 minutes for bread and another 20 minutes for our entrees. It was too crowded, too dark and bad service. The only good thing about Barbuzzo was that their food was delicious.

The bread took awhile to come out, but it was toasted, fresh and yummy. My roommate and I demolished the 4 slices of bread instantaneously. We were not sure if we were just starving and would have thought anything tasted good or the bread was actually really good. Not quite sure!



After we destroyed the bread, we waited for our entrees patiently at the bar. The noise level was unbelievably loud and the woman sitting to the right of me was basically sitting on the same seat as I was because the restaurant jam packed the bar with seats. Although, it was great people watching. There were a lot of couples and double dates that were having dinner in the restaurant. Finally, after what seemed like forever- our food was delivered to us.


My roommate ordered the Margarita pizza, which was so good. We decided to slit and share our entrees, which was a great idea because we were able to sample both without feeling sick from order two full entrees each. My roommate’s pizza came out first and the cheese was perfectly melted on top. We both could not wait to start eating it. A few minutes later, they finally brought out my entree!



I ordered the Gnocchi. Apparently at Barbuzzo, they only have one type of pasta sauce, which is a butter sauce. The gnocchi was actually delicious. It was a very small portion, so my roommate and I was semi-sad because we wanted more.

After we finished, we decided to skip dessert because we couldn’t take the noise or the claustrophobic atmosphere. Although we didn’t have the best experience at Barbuzzo, the food was still really good. If you’re ever in Philadelphia and want to have dinner at an odd time in the evening when you know that Barbuzzo will not be crowded, then you should definitely go! xoxo 

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