Baby Blues BBQ

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Happy Wednesday! It is getting cold in Philadelphia! When it is cold, I crave warm, comfort food. Today I was craving BBQ. My roommate and I decided to go to Baby Blues BBQ located at 34th and Sansom. The food was absolutely delicious and warm-just what we wanted. We walked in and the atmosphere made us feel at home. An old, small, comfortable space with a mid-west feel. We were seated right next to a large moose head.

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We had a nice waiter that was very informative about all of the BBQ food. We both ordered numerous Diet Coke’s (we’re both addicted). We ordered Hush Puppies for an appetizer. They were absolutely amazing. They were warm as well. There were 6 Hush Puppies total. We had 3 left and wrapped them immediately. (I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow)

After our Hush Puppies, my roommate and I both ordered the “Get Down Miss Brown Platter” which consisted a pulled pork platter with two “Fixin’s” and cornbread. I chose the Mac n’ cheese “fixin” and Collard Greens “fixin”. My roommate ordered the “Get Down Miss Brown Platter” as well with Mac n’ cheese “fixin” and Rice “fixin”. Everything was amazing, except for the Collard Greens and Rice. My roommate and I were not both thrilled with those “fixin’s”. We loved the pulled pork, mac n’ cheese, and cornbread. The cornbread was different in the sense that it was layers of cornbread instead of the usual “fluffy” cornbread.


Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies


My dinner! Pulled pork, mac n' cheese, collard greens and cornbread

My dinner! Pulled pork, mac n’ cheese, collard greens and cornbread

My roommate's dinner- Pulled pork, rice, cornbread and mac n' cheese

My roommate’s dinner- Pulled pork, rice, cornbread and mac n’ cheese


We were so stuffed after our dinner that we could not even look at the dessert menu. I am sure they would have been amazing as well. I had a fun southern kind of dinner. I can not wait to go back soon! If you’re ever in Philadelphia, make sure you stop by Baby Blues BBQ- it’s amazing.

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